Posted by: permamonk | April 9, 2012

Greens in Spring!

Back in the Fall, Br. Addison put in seeds for cold weather plants.  These included oats, bean sprouts, collards, arugula, and carrots.  After the VERY mild winter we had (it is Georgia, after all), the greens kept growing all the way through Spring.  Now as we’re planting for the Spring and Summer, we got to cultivate some delicious edibles!

Fresh Greens

Fresh greens from the garden!

We have various kinds of collards, and the arugula is absolutely delicious!  Buried in there is even a tiny purple carrot.

Having never fixed collards before, I opted to cream them like spinach with some glazed onions (you can’t go wrong with butter, cream, and sweet Vidalia), and then combine that with diced and grilled chicken breast and a vegetable and chicken stock combo.  Altogether, it made for a tasty and easy soup that was rich and healthy.

In the meantime, some of the other collards that we planted actually flowered when spring arrived, so what was a nice green border in our lawn during the winter, turned into beautiful yellow flowers for Easter!  Once they finish going to seed, we’ll collect the pods and use them for next Fall.


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