As contemplatives, we are called to find God in every moment and everywhere around us.  Following this calling, we cannot help but realize the importance of being good stewards of God’s creation.

An important aspect of our planned Abbey is to be a model of ecological stewardship in the urban setting.  As several of our members are budding permaculturists and students of evironmental sustainability, our Abby and its grounds will incorporate a number of eco-friendly aspects suitable for urban living.

The largest project for our members will be creating a sustainable garden that will be able to feed all members in residence as well as guests.  Though the Abbey for our Order is a long term goal, there’s no reason we can’t start learning now!  Two friends of the Order have graciously volunteered part of their backyard as a testing ground for our permaculture garden.

As sustainable agriculture will be the victory over the lethal practices of industrial monoculture that we have today, and will be a catalyst for forming and healing communities in our cold cities, we’ve dubbed our little project the Alleluia Garden.  Eventually when we have the Abbey, and what we learn here is put to use there we will have a Great Alleluia!

This blog will serve as our ongoing journal for all the trials, errors and successes we will disover.  For those interested in permaculture and how it can work in the urban environment, follow along with us as we create something called Alleluia.


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