Posted by: permamonk | June 6, 2011

Thar’ be compost in that yarrrrrd!

What a busy time these past several weeks!  The terracing is finished and waiting to get filled in, and we’ve started work on the path that will lead down to the patio areas.  But with scheduling as it is, the back path has been put on hold for work in the front yard.  We finished putting in seeds in the front garden, with rows of leafy greens in front and tomatoes starting the back.  We’ll finish up the side with blueberry bushes.

Front garden

Front garden growing


The leafy greens have come up fast, while the camomile and english daisies are taking their sweet time.  All the flowers in this portion are edible or used for teas!  The camomile runs along the stepping stones while the english daisies (little red powder puff flowers) are planted around the bird bath.

The biggest show of work, however, is the front yard down towards the street.  Being respectful neighbors, we’re taking care to keep up curb appeal (even if that appeal is based on classist standard that came from 18th century French nobility and was most widely spread in the U.S. in the 1950’s…).  So, yes, we’ve given in to sod.  But still with permaculture in mind!  Rather than kill of the existing weeds with chemicals, we’re sheet mulching with cardboard and compost.  We you see below is the product of free cardboard from local stores and five pickup truck loads of free compost from our county.

Prepared for sod


We’ve scheduled three pallets of zoysia to be delivered next Saturday.  We’re still short compost though, because we’re planning on sodding the other side of the driveway as well.  Just goes to show, you can never have too much compost.

Aside from that, we’ve put some flowers here and there to liven up the yard.  When I saw the calla lilies at the hardware store, I had a Katharine Hepburn moment and couldn’t resist!

Flowers at the mail box. Asiatic lillies and some other flower I can't remember.


The calla lilies are in bloom again....


Join us next time for “The grass is always greener when you lay the sod right-side up.”




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